Electric Man VS. The Plague

let take a 5, shall we?

The Plague are a group of bio-genetically engineered soldiers gone wrong, escaping into the sewers to live in peace. They are also the fourth and final enemies of Round 2. They seem to be the opposite to the Toxic 10 similar to how the Frozen is the opposite of the Pyromaniacs.

Music: Spineshank - Cyanide 2600


The Plague are depicted as wearing black armor with several spikes on their head. They have green eyes that either appear as just two simply green, pupil-less eyes or a green strip instead of actual eyes. They appear in a black laboratory-like room with a bright green light in the background.

The leader is the one with the smallest eyestrip


Easy: 2 (Round 2), 3 (Round 4)

Normal: 3 (Round 2), 4 (Round 4)

Pro: 4 (Round 2), 5 (Round 4)